REVIEW - Kiss Me When I'm Dead
by Dominic Piper

Reviewed by: Michelle Medhat

Absolutely fantastic noir-styled thriller that had my pulse racing!

I learned about Kiss Me When I'm Dead through Twitter, and I am so pleased I did. Daniel Beckett is the hero of the hour with amazing skills (including womanising to rival 007) and a murky past that's alluded to but never fully revealed throughout the book. I loved his irreverent bordering on sarcastic style of narrative, and his dialogue with the extremely colourful characters was a joy to read. The humour in the book, which had me giggling more than once was unexpected, but a nice aside from the more meatier scenes. The plot line was jerky and unpredictable, which I loved (as a writer myself, too often do I end up second-guessing the denouement but not in this case.) The sensitive subject matter was handled perfectly, with just enough description to enable the mind to visualise the rest. Throughout the book I imagined someone like Clive Owen playing Beckett, in the same vein as the character he played in Shoot Em Up. The fuelled up, tooled up hero that really doesn't want any trouble, but if you push him, watch out! All in all an absolutely fantastic book and one I'd recommend if you like a gritty, fast paced detective thriller with larger than life characters and a hero that demands to be on the movie screen.

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