REVIEW - The Plan
by Donna Morfett

Reviewed by: Michelle Medhat

The Plan

The knife slid in like a, well, a sharp knife through skin, if you knew what you were doing. And Tilly did. She’d researched it thoroughly. No one lied to her, used her, and abused her, broke her heart and discarded her like trash, without a second thought. Liam had fucked with the wrong woman.

It was surprisingly easy to kill someone. To make it easier, she had roofied him first, just to make sure he didn’t fight back. Not counting herself as small or weak, but didn’t think she’d be able to handle him if he started thrashing around. After he had fallen asleep, she laid plastic under him. She’d heated the knife before she plunged it into the chest. She hoped it might cauterise the wound as it went in. Only to make the clean-up easier, she wasn’t worried about how painful it would be for him, because she wanted it to be painful. She wanted him to feel every inch of the knife slide into his body, knowing he was going to die, knowing there was nothing he could do.

Tilly had used a knife she’d stolen from someone else’s house. She knew if one of hers was missing, then she’d be the obvious culprit. If she brought one new, then there would be credit card transactions and CCTV. What friend notices a knife going missing, and even if they do, they won’t automatically assume it was you? Well, she hoped so anyway.

Thankfully, everything had gone according to plan. They’d had the most romantic evening, Tilly pretending everything was fine, despite the bombshell he’d dropped just that morning. He’d done it by text as well the wimp. Not even man enough to tell her to her face, despite knowing they’d planned to see each other later. As they lay sated from their intense lovemaking, Tilly had gone to get them both a drink, and slipped the tablet into his. From there, it was all a piece of cake.

He lay spreadeagled and naked on her bed. There wasn’t too much blood, and none had seeped over the edge of the plastic, thankfully. His DNA would be everywhere, as they’d been having an affair for over a year. She had kept every single text he’d sent, first through nostalgia and love, now as a history of their relationship should she need it.

She had a sack barrow to transport him to his car. Funny what you could buy on Amazon these days. She had a pile of boxes to put around him, so it would just like she was taking a bunch of belongings she was getting rid of. No one really paid attention, even a woman on their own these days was unlikely to be offered help. She was banking on it, anyway.

Tilly underestimated how difficult it would be to shift his dead weight from the bed to standing, so she could tie him to the sack barrow. She had to re clothe him as well for the next part of her plan. After a lot of grunting, sweating, and swearing, she finally got him sort of upright, and as with as many clothes on him as she could. The blood was seeping through his t-shirt, but after she’d put his jumper and coat on, she hoped the gravity, and the lack of pumping after death, would stop that!

Boxes in place, she took him out of her flat, and across to the lift. As she suspected, everyone was tucked away quietly in their own homes. Not caring or wanting to know what anyone was doing. The lift pinged to her floor, and she went down to the car park. She met no one along the way. It felt like fate was helping her, as they agreed the cheating, lying bastard deserved to die.

She removed the boxes and placed them in the boot, out of sight, along with the sack barrow. She’d give that a little rinse with bleach later, just in case. She shoved his dead weight into the passenger seat and put the seatbelt over him, hoping it would hold him upright enough if they were caught on CCTV. 

Finally happy, she jumped into the driver’s seat, pulled the chair forward, adjusted the mirror, put her seatbelt on, and drove away. She’d already planned the route, avoiding as many ANPR cameras as possible, but getting caught on one or two, so she had an alibi. She drove the speed limit the whole way, stopped way before any red lights, and observed the rules of the road more carefully than she had for her driving test. It was a ridiculously chilly night, bitter, biting wind, and a probable frost due in the morning, so thankfully people were keeping their heads down, and rushing to their destinations, if they ventured out at all.

Finally reaching the mall car park, she headed to the top floor and got out. She moved Liam over to the driver’s side, rested his head on his hand against the window, so it looked like he was taking a nap, left the keys in the ignition, and walked away. She hoped it would take a few days for people to notice that the man and the car hadn’t moved, by which time the drugs would have cleared his system.

Walking away, slowly, but with purpose, Tilly took the stairs down to the ground floor and walked home. She knew it was going to be a long, cold walk, but it was necessary, so she gritted her teeth, pulled her hat down lower over ears, and started the long walk home.


Chapter 2 – 2 days earlier.


Tilly woke up and stretched. She tried to remember what day it was, and what she was supposed to be doing, groaned loudly when she remembered she had a day off but it was filled with mundane adult chores, car repairs, collecting prescriptions and other minutiae of life that meant by the time she relaxed on the sofa later, the day would be over, and she would have to prepare for work again tomorrow.

A broad smile spread across her face, though. Realising tomorrow was Friday, not just any Friday, but a Friday she’d been planning and looking forward to for weeks. She was going to spend the weekend with Liam. She’d met him over a year ago, quite by chance. They’d started off messaging silly jokes, and it had progressed. Tilly had known all along that Liam was married, and should back off, but they got on so well. They said the same thing had shared interests, and when they finally became physical, wow. Mind blowing.

She realised a while ago; she’d fallen for him hard. This was love. She told him so, a tense wait when she’d sent that text. A sigh of relief when he’d replied he loved her too. Since then, he was her first thought in the morning, and last at night. He always text good morning and they’d text long into the night. They explored each other’s interests, made each other laugh until they cried, and spoke about fantasies. Both opened up something that they’d both been keeping hidden or tamped down until now.

This weekend they were hoping to explore some fantasies they’d been texting furiously about, and Tilly got wet just thinking about it. It wasn’t just the passionate sex, though; it was having a person, your one, that you know you can talk to about anything, at any time. It was the hugs, and the checking in, getting angry when you’re upset and cheering when you achieved something, or had a bit of luck. She realised she’d never had that before, and it was amazing. Her whole life had changed, and everything seemed brighter.

She turned over and grabbed her phone, and there it was, the text from Liam she knew would be waiting. Good morning beautiful, how are you? What are you up to today? I can’t wait to see you later….all of you, naked in my arms. Love you xx

Tilly chuckled, he was such a perv sometimes, he couldn’t help himself. Sometimes it felt like she’d unleashed a monster. Not that she minded, oh no, she didn’t mind at all.

Morning handsome, hope you slept well. I imagine that wank before bed helped you sleep better. I couldn’t help winding you up, you just turn me on. Can’t wait to see you so we can do some of that stuff for real. Love you too xx

She put her phone down and went to shower and get ready for the day. She knew if Liam was by his phone, then she’d go down a rabbit hole that would delay her, and she really had stuff she needed to get done today. Finally, when she was dressed and ready, she checked her phone, and was slightly disappointed to see nothing from Liam. She wasn’t unduly worried, there were times when he went quiet, and she knew she couldn’t be needy and demanding. She just had to be patient and wait.

Getting on with her day, and getting everything done, Tilly kept checking her phone intermittently throughout the day, and was getting more and more frustrated with the radio silence from Liam. There was some fear there too. Had they been found out; how would she know. Would he tell her, would she get a screaming banshee down the phone telling her to keep her hands off her man. No point worrying about that now, she’d just carry on with her day, and hope he got in touch soon.


Chapter 3 – Liam


Liam woke up, and immediately reached over and grabbed his phone. He laughed at the final message Tilly had sent him last night, to help him along so he could sleep better. Her body was amazing. His morning wood just got harder at the thought. He might have to go sort that out before his wife turned over and noticed. Not that she’d be interested, he could count on one hand the number of times they’d had sex recently. With Tilly it was like he’d turned into a teenager again. He was always having to relieve himself, sometimes even in the staff toilets at work.

He sent her his usual good morning text. He hadn’t meant to fall in love with someone else. He never thought he’d be that kind of man. He thought the marriage vows he’d taken with Georgie were sacred, and he’d hold them dear forever. Things had started to fall apart not long after they’d been married. The newly wedded sex had tailed off to almost nothing within months. She wasn’t interested in trying anything new.

Tilly had come along with her fun, don’t give a fuck attitude, and just blown him away. She was sweet, caring, and funny. She woke something in him, that he hadn’t realised had died. She was a couple of years younger than him, not enough to be an issue. He’d been honest from the start and told her he was married. She was fine, and they kept it platonic, just joking, sending stupid memes, and chatting about music and films.

Liam wasn’t sure when it had changed, but gradually it became more than that. He knew it, and could have put a stop to it, had tried on a couple of occasions, but it was no good. He’d fallen too and fallen hard. It seemed like he and Tilly were soul mates, meant to be together. They got each other, they had different interests, and likes, but the important stuff they agreed on. Boy did she make him laugh as well, he couldn’t remember when he’d laughed so much and so often. Georgie had never had that ability. She was quiet, conscientious, sensible, sweet. Boring, there, he said it, she was boring.

When Liam gave in, he went all in, and slowly they had both started to reveal more of themselves to each other. The trust grew, and in no time at all, they were sharing their deepest darkest secrets and their fantasies too. Liam had never told another living soul what he’d told Tilly, and he knew the same was true of her.

What he also loved about her was she never asked him to leave his wife. She was happy enough being the ‘other woman’ for now. He thought that may change, and he was even wondering if he could leave Georgie to be with her. Could he be that guy, break Georgie’s heart because someone more fun had come along. His mother would be ashamed of him, he wasn’t sure where that thought had come from, but it suddenly burst in unwarranted. He shook his head, shook the awful thought away, but it didn’t work.

Things were different these days though weren’t they. Couples simply couldn’t stick together for life like their grandparents had. People grow up and change. Liam had married Georgie when they were both twenty-one, freshly graduated from university, him as a geography teacher, her as a sports massage therapist. They saw little of each other as their lives got busier. He was often at school late, parents’ evenings, and opening evenings. When he was home, he was marking, or planning. He just assumed that’s what adulthood was, and that he and Georgie were rubbing along nicely.

Then Tilly came along, and just turned everything upside down. She made him see that he was still too young to settle into such a hum drum life. She shined a light, and he didn’t think, no matter what happened next, that light could be dimmed. They’d spoken of going to football games, her to teach him, not vice versa. He hadn’t the first idea of the game and it made her laugh frequently. He in returned wanted to take her to some high brow event, either ballet or the opera, thought that would show her. However, she’d jumped at the chance, and said she’d always wanted to go. He had to laugh at her enthusiasm for life, and her need to experience everything. He worried she may burn herself out one day, but until then, he loved being along for the ride.

He put his phone down, and went into the bathroom, quietly closing the door so he didn’t disturb his wife. She had been working hard lately and seemed to nod off easily. She went to bed early, which gave him more freedom to message Tilly. He realised that made him a massive arse, but he was intoxicated, and he couldn’t stop. After sorting out his morning problem and going for a wee without spraying all over the bathroom, he went and slid back into the bed. Georgie was awake, and she had his phone in her hand. He went white. He knew he was in trouble.

She didn’t look angry, just sad. ‘George, I’m sorry, she’s nothing, I know what it looks like, but its just a silly fling, I’m an idiot. I know that, but I love you, I do.’

‘Shut up Liam, I’ve known about her for ages, and let you carry on. I can see our marriage is floundering but didn’t have the guts to do anything about it either. While you were busy, and getting your rocks off elsewhere, at least you left me alone.’

Liam’s mouth hung open, he closed it, then opened it again a few times, tried to speak but couldn’t think of anything to say, eventually coming out with the very insightful, ‘you knew?’

‘Yes, Liam. Of course, I knew. You aren’t half as clever as you think you are.  I became suspicious when you suddenly had a spring in your step again. I was sad of course, as nothing had changed with us, and you hadn’t got a promotion at work. I realised that it must be something else, or someone else. I saw your phone constantly lighting up, even if you had it on silent, when it didn’t use to. I have heard you wanking off in the bathroom, so much I’m surprised your dick hasn’t fallen off. You aren’t that careful where you spray that stuff, and who do you think does the cleaning.’

‘I’m so sorry, I have been so selfish, so thoughtless. So stupid, I didn’t give you enough credit. I just got swept away. Were we happy though?’

‘No Liam, no we weren’t, but you could have done the decent thing and told me, we could have tried to fix it, to talk it out, and if we couldn’t, we could have split without any hurt. Didn’t I deserve better? You swore to me, in front of a vicar, in front of our families and friends, that you would love me forever. You haven’t even managed five years.’

‘Of course, you’re right, and I have nothing I can say that will take away the pain I’ve caused you. I know sorry doesn’t cut it.’

‘No, it doesn’t cut it Liam, but you will have to make a decision now. I have some news, and you will need to decide whether you want to stay in this marriage or not. I am pregnant.’

‘Pregnant, what? But...we never, we hardly ever, how is that possible.’

‘Wasn’t exactly the reaction I was hoping for. I wasn’t planning for this to happen either, but it has. I realise this is a shock, seeing as your mouth is flapping open and closed like a fish. I don’t need an answer right now, there’s still time to get rid of it, if that’s what I decide, but you need to tell me what you want. Leave now Liam, I’m sick of the sight of you. Enjoy your weekend with your floozy, yes, I know about that too.’

Liam silently picked up his clothes from the back of the chair, and grabbed the bag he’d already packed and went and got dressed in the spare room. He didn’t say another word as he picked up his keys and left for work.

Chapter 4 – Georgie

Georgie lay back in bed and smiled. She wasn’t pregnant, but she knew Liam wouldn’t question her or ask for proof. She didn’t normally like lying, and if he decided he wanted to be with her, and keep the baby, then obviously, she’d have to lose it. Seeing as what he was doing with that tart, it didn’t seem a much worse deception.

She had loved him; she didn’t know if she’d ever been really in love with him though. She knew that in the Victorian era, she was what they’d have called ‘plain’. When he proposed, her acceptance was a sort of desperation, thinking no one else was likely to offer. She realised this was a mistake not long after they were husband and wife. They’d coexisted, but no more than that. Thankfully both were busy with their careers. She went on contraception straight after the wedding. The few times they ever didn’t become intimate wouldn’t be leading to any babies.

She stretched and rolled over, grabbed her phone, and pulled up her messages, and an app that was for messaging, but one that Liam wasn’t aware of. Not that he ever looked at her phone. He wasn’t at all interested in what she did. There was only one contact on here.

Morning Tilly, hope you’re ok. He’s been told. Is the plan still on?

Tilly replied almost immediately. Ha ha gud on ya. Yup, im gud for later. All ready.

Georgie smiled to herself. She had been putting this idea into action as soon as she found the first message from Tilly to her husband that had declared her love. She realised she would have a brilliant ally that would help sort him out.


Chapter 5 – Tilly


Looking at the message she’d just received from Georgie, she now understood Liams radio silence. He was clearly reeling from finding out he was going to be a dad. She knew what he was would do, he was a spineless weasel, and he would stick by his wife. He had talked about being a dad, and although Tilly had been reluctant, she did actually love him, and for the first time thought this was a person she could think about sharing a child with.

They had not actively tried to get pregnant, never discussed it in fact, but Tilly secretly hoped it was something that would just happen, and it would force his hand, and he would finally leave his wife and be with her. She hadn’t cared for so long, was happy to be the other woman. Something had changed though, she had visions of their future. Buying their first home, going on holidays together, chilling on the sofa, under a blanket watching tv. She liked what she saw, and now was craving that.

She replied to Georgie, she knew now what she had to do. Georgie had come to her one day, asking about the latest releases, and if their local library could get in a specific book. They’d got chatting, and discovered they had a similar taste in authors, particularly crime. Ever since, they’d gone for a coffee once a week. Initially Tilly had no idea that she was Liams husband, but she started to suspect after a while. She never let on she was seeing anyone, she claimed to be terminally single and happy that way.

Tilly could tell Georgie wasn’t happy in her marriage, and wondered if the woman was feeling trapped. She wondered if there was any secret ambition she wanted to pursue although her job sounded quite fulfilling, and she got to meet some of the local Luton Town FC players, who were local heroes after getting promoted to the premier league last season. When she started talking about her husband being at work a lot talking to parents, and when he was home, marking and planning, Tilly was quite certain she had accidentally befriended the wife of her lover.

It took some time to come to terms with this, and a lot of soul searching. She was an empath; she didn’t like to upset people and deliberately cause pain and anguish. Love made you selfish though. She loved Liam and Georgie didn’t. Why couldn’t she have him. Georgie could let him go, and they could all move on. Deep down, Tilly knew this wouldn’t work. Life wasn’t that simple, and Liam had no say in this arrangement.

Chapter 6 – Liam

Liam was still completely blindsided by the announcement Georgie had made that morning. A baby, him, a dad. No way. He couldn’t imagine being that guy, doing the school run, standing on the side of a cold soggy field watching his kid play football badly every Sunday morning. He saw the parents dropping their kids off every day. They looked frazzled and broken. Very few smiled and most looked relieved as they cast off their child into someone else’s care for a few hours.

He couldn’t deny some of these kids were challenging. The increase in the numbers of ADHD and autism were changing the way he taught. He wished there was more support for these kids and their parents. It felt like they were thrown to the wolves to get on with it, until maybe CAMHS decided they could do with a bit of help.

Could he be one of those. Constantly worrying about his child, sending it out into this crazy world of war, unrest, social media. It wasn’t the same as when he was a child. The world had changed so much since covid, and not for the better.

However, a part of him, half of his DNA, carrying on his legacy. What would they take, his inability to do any kind of sport. His ability to put his foot in it at the worst time. His baritone singing voice, his love for all things nature. Would they get his big nose, or his mother’s dainty one. Would they have brown eyes or blue. Both he and Georgie were brown haired, so that seemed one certainty. He found himself smiling, thinking it was great news, he could do this, he could be a dad.

Before he could change his mind, he messaged Georgie, and told her he was all in. He would end it with the other woman, and never speak to her again. He wanted to be with her and raise their child together. He wanted to make a real go at the marriage and stick to the vows he swore in front of the vicar all those years ago. He ended the text telling he loved her, and their little bean, and with a slight smile, opened the next name on the list.

Hi gorgeous. Sorry for the radio silence. Wife dropped a bomb this morning. She’s pregnant. Gave me an ultimatum. As you know, I want to be with you, but this changes things. I can leave her to do that alone, and I want to be a dad. I must end it and end it properly. We can talk more later. Can’t wait to see you. Love you. Xx

Chapter 7 – Tilly

Tilly opened her phone and read the message. Of course, she knew what Georgie had said, as she’d told her beforehand. What she hadn’t expected was that spineless weak weasel of a man to go along with her. She thought he’d run a mile at the thought of being a dad. He often said that being a teacher put you off being a parent yourself. You felt like a dad to the thirty charges under your care each school year, and that was enough love to give.

It was something they’d both discussed. The world was a scary place to bring a child into and leave them behind in when they were no longer around. They’d both agreed!! They had discussed it at length, the thought of changing dirty nappies, and being awake all-night listening to a screaming baby. Not being able to drop everything and go on holiday. Having to have a military operation to get out of the house to go to the supermarket. Neither felt that was for them. They were far too selfish.

Perhaps she’d been played by Georgie. Perhaps she knew her husband better than she thought, and knew a child would be the deal breaker, that would see him drop everything, and run back to her. So why had she given Tilly the Rohypnol, why did she ask her to do what she had?

Tilly headed home. She had a shower and laid down for a nap. She wanted to be rested and fresh for when Liam arrived. It might be the last time she had sex for a while, so she was going to make the most of it!

Liam text to say he was on his way, so Tilly got up, and put on the sexy bra and knickers that he loved. Not that they stayed on for long. He didn’t like to chat much, just wanted to get straight down to business. Not that Tilly minded that, by the time they’d be texting all day, they were both well up for it, and horny as hell.

Finally, there was a knock, and Tilly went and opened the door, reached up to kiss Liam, caressed his cheek as she did, on tiptoes, as he was slightly taller. When she stopped his eyes went wide as he saw what she was wearing. He immediately started taking off his jacket, and shoes. Once he’d managed to get out of his very impractical quick removal boots, Tilly stepped over to him. She grabbed his belt and looked up at him, and he bent his head down and kissed her. As they were playing with each other’s tongues, Tilly was undoing his belt, and undoing the button on his trousers. Eventually they dropped the floor. Then she undid his shirt buttons, slowly, one by one. She knew he liked it when she did this. Despite them being hot and horny, they always took this bit slow.

Liam groaned and hugged her close, and surreptitiously undid her bra, immediately going down to take a nipple into his mouth. He loved sucking on her breasts, and she wasn’t complaining. Letting out a small groan as he gave it a little nip. They both removed their pants as quickly as they could, and Tilly went and laid back on the bed, a pillow already in place to lift her hips, so Liam had easier access. She knew what would happen next, and she was right.

The mattress sunk as Liam slowly climbed on. His arms either side of her thighs, stroking, little kisses up her legs, until he reached her little button. Tilly was lost then. She didn’t remember much of what happened next. It was as hot and sexy as it ever was, and she knew she’d remember this night forever. She wasn’t sure if it was because they both knew it would be their last, but Tilly had never felt so turned on, so loved, so sexy, so sensual. She’d never experienced the kind of pleasure that she had that night.

Once they were both sated, and worn out, she lay in the crook of his arm, cuddled up to him, resting her head on his hairy chest. Tired, but happy. She realised it was time now to put the plan into action, and this was it. Things were going to change forever. She hoped she’d been prepared enough that she wasn’t caught.

‘Do you want a drink sexy?’

Chapter 8 – Georgie

She’d received a text that morning simply saying, ‘it’s done’. She smiled. Stupid girl. Her husband had shocked her by saying he wanted to be with her and bring this child into the world with her. Be parents to the thing that wasn’t actually growing in her womb. To cut off all contact with the whore he’d been seeing. She’d seen some of their messages, they seemed to genuinely like each other, love each other even. It seemed that they were better matched as well.

Too late now, Liam was dead, and she had one more job to do before this sorry affair was over. What Tilly hadn’t realised was she’d orchestrated that meeting in the library. She was a suspicious sort of woman and had started to suspect Liam was having an affair. She’d learnt as much as she could from Liams messages whilst he was asleep and made sure she was the perfect new best friend.

It had worked a treat, and Tilly fell under her spell almost immediately. Georgie let the odd detail slip, so she knew she would make the connections eventually. She wasn’t that subtle. One day when they were drinking coffee, and Georgie was moaning about how her husband wasn’t home again, he was at the school, for the opening evening, showing prospective students around the geography department, she saw the lightbulb go on in Tilly’s eyes. She’d finally figured it out.

Even when Tilly knew who she was, she still carried on the affair with her husband, so Georgie came up with a plan to get rid of them both. The first part was complete, so, snapping on the blue nitrile gloves, she headed over to Tilly’s to finish the second part. The bulb of the streetlight glinted off the knife as she walked away.

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