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The leader, Al Douri, has created an infiltrating and influential world power with vast destructive potential. His second in command, Sabena Sanantoni, is an evil and remarkable force. Her sadistic habits and savage behaviour have coined her The Slayer. Even her closest allies cannot predict her next cruel move. But nobody doubts her status.


MI6 operative, Matthew Kinley, has dedicated his life to his country. But now his government has asked for a level of commitment that even he struggles to grasp. As a double agent, his duty is to walk the thin line between loyalty and betrayal. Kinley is thrown into a world of grey. The dark hole of Al Nadir pulls him one way and the bright torch of patriotism pulls him the other.


Kinley’s brother in arms, Sam Noor, must also face the demands of British Intelligence. Both men have left their families at home, ignorant to their dangerous career path. They live in the space between two worlds. One is the domestic, loving home, and the other is the harsh and fierce duty of their jobs. But as the reality of Al Nadir infiltrates into the lives of UK citizens, these worlds gradually combine. When those they love are in danger, Sam and Kinley must face the ultimate question.


In a hidden London location, a potentially terrible, possibly brilliant, yet infinitely risky operation is being formulated. An operation to bring down Al Nadir. It’s a mission shared only by the hushed voices of four men. The future is in their hands, holding a plan that will change UK history forever. But the multiple, shifting factors needed for success are flaky and volatile.


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“This is a back story to The Trusted Series. Operation Snowdrop features in Book One -The Trusted. Operation Snowdrop really drills down into the psyche of all those involved, the sacrifices made and the horrendous commitment that has been placed upon them for the greater good. You can't help but feel Kinley's and Noor's fears vs their sense of duty. It's shocking, lurid with an ironic twist at the end. I have really enjoyed all the books so far, they are unique, detailed and shocking. Ultimately deeply satisfying. Michelle has created a series that transgresses any genre I've read so far. The X-files and James Bond's love child sums it up very well. And I'd rate all her books 5 stars. Once you start it's bloody impossible to put these books down. They're that good.”
Jason Foreman 09/06/2023
“Very nice and thrilling.. Very well written and edited..”
Premkumar Iyer 15/09/2021
“This is a terrific spy story. I couldn't put it down once I started reading it until the last page.”
Tony 22/07/2021
“What a story ! I could not put it down! Cannot wait for the next episode.”
Reg 30/04/2021
“Operation Snowdrop had my heart racing from start to the hanging cliff of the end. I can't wait for the next installment!”
Maria Park 21/03/2021
“Easy read. Fast pace. Very entertaining and exciting”
Mon 16/03/2021
“Fantastic story, fast-paced, gripping and completely plausible. Full of moral dilemma and gripping action. Read it NOW!”
Richard Dee 13/03/2021
“Gripping read that leaves me horrified and eagerly looking forward for vindication ”
Audrey 28/02/2021
“Hello to the world of double agents and danger Terrorism has reached new lows of death and destruction. But this story introduces us to Matt Kinley , and Sam Noor , and the Slayer aka Sabena . Sabena (Salims No 1) has many talents , a sadistic streak you don't want to experience! She also uses her sexuality to get what she wants ,and she always gets what she wants ! Mr Kinley has been drawn in by her .....drawn into a world of sex and death . If you're a bit squeamish,read with caution ! But that aside's a really great introduction to the rest of the authors series of thrillers (and they really are thrilling)”
Glynn Walker 12/11/2020
“A terrifying story of sex and how far people will go to take control of the world, and how far the authorities are prepared to go to catch and destroy them. A great story, with a terrific but frightening ending.”
Colin Guest 02/11/2020
“I loved operation snowdrop and the introduction into a world of danger, double dealings and the dark side of human nature. The fast pace keeps the reader engrossed and I am really excited to continue the adventure with the main series - a great read”
Fiona Campbell 25/10/2020
“Very nice”
Premkumar Iyer 11/10/2020
“Wow! Great plot, great writing. Cannot wait for the next one!”
Anthony DiPrinzio 04/10/2020
“A cliffhanger , first rate , read it right through ”
Paul 07/09/2020
“Real page turner, a bit too credible in its accuracy, quite scarily worrying”
Martin Webster 10/07/2020
“A superbly written story with characters and storyline taking unexpected twists and turns! Its hard to put the story down- it leads you into the machinations of world leaders fighting the evil in the world. But at what cost? You'll love it!!”
Marla Fund 17/06/2020
“This series has been one of the best rollercoaster rides I have been on. Michelle knows who to grab you from the beginning and bring you into the evils of Al Nadir, MI6, and other factions I will not mention (this would spoil the series). She has a way into interweaving you in the lives of the characters and their situations. The best way to read this series is start with Operation Snowdrop, and hang on. You will not be disappointed!!!!! ”
Joseph Bergman 12/05/2020
“Wow. Where do I begin? Having read almost all the series it was great to dive into a side story, seeing just exactly how Kinley became embroiled with Al Nadir. You really get a sense of who he was before his induction, with references to his home life and his loving wife Angie. However, once he's acquainted with Sabeena, it all goes quickly downhill, with torture, forced sex and executions. Sam makes a welcome appearance too, spearheading operation Aphrodite, the results of which are in doubt from the word go. A great short story, which really ties in with the rest of the series. An easy 5 stars for this very talented author.”
Phil Price 04/05/2020
“Good read keeps the suspense going to the end thank you”
Derrick 24/04/2020
“Very gripping, scary and hard to put down. Keeps one on tenterhooks right to the end.”
Janet 20/04/2020
“Wow! What a tale! I thoroughly enjoyed this book that moves along at a rapid pace. Thank you.”
John Davies a.k.a U4ea 29/03/2020
“Operation Snowdrop was one of the most exciting spy novels ever. The twist and devotion of MI 6 to taking out the worst terrorist in the world is beyond words. I did not know what was coming next, just the way I like it. Thank you for a wonderful book”
Asia Man 03/02/2020
“Such a compelling novel and suspenseful right to the end. Many twists and turns keeping us guessing all the way through. Looking forward to the follow up.”
Janet 11/01/2020
“An intense and engaging spy story which satisfies in many areas. Not for the faint-hearted!”
Petet Gardiner 08/01/2020
“I never knew to what extent or what level an agent or government could go. It seemed just too easy to slip DOWN the pole. I did not see any of it coming, I did not believe how it went, I did not see the twists or the turns. Bravo”
David Parker 06/01/2020
“This was a great way to read about Operation Snowdrop. In the series, you know what happened but this way you get to read how it came to be. An action packed thriller, I loved it. ”
Dee 31/12/2019
“A real page Turner. Keeps you guessing and wanting more. ”
Dave 28/12/2019
“Very exciting. Leaves you on the edge on almost every page. Trying to figure out what this poor guy has to go through to play both sides leaves me exhausted. I feel like I'm living every minute with him I can hardly stand it. Excellent book, excellent read, thank you for the opportunity to read it.”
William Bender 15/12/2019
“A gripping book. It sucks you in and keeps your attention from start to finish. Great job!”
Terry M 24/11/2019
“All I can say is WOW. Michelle Medhat really knows how to pull you in with the characters and storyline. This is one of the best thrill rides I had in a long time. A Must read!!!!!! ”
Joseph Bergman 17/11/2019
“OMG! Talk about edge of your seat, grab you by the ba... The author kept the book moving at a good pace with plenty of twists and an ending that will make you question the world around you!”
“Snowdrop is a fiercely paced book. Characters are dynamic, & powerful. A great spy thriller good versus evil gets blurred. Looking forward to next book.”
Jay 12/11/2019
“Kept me guessing and enthralled right up to the end. Looking forward to reading the next book”
Janet 20/10/2019
“A very well written, suspenseful book. The description of the agents emotions and conflicts was very well done.”
John 04/10/2019
“I loved the constant adrenaline rush in this book. Looking forward to the next book. ”
Cin 21/09/2019
“So similar to the situation in the world today that it's hard to read. Well developed”
Dave 07/09/2019
“This book is exactly why I read new authors as often as possible. The intrigue and characters are heart-stopping. 5 stars +”
Rich Ellis 03/09/2019
“Great spy story that leaves you wanting to move quickly onto the next book (which I have now done - I recommend "The Trusted" too).”
Phil Kennedy 02/09/2019
“It was hard to put down and the story moved extremely fast. Hope there is going to be a follow up”
Janice Love 25/08/2019
“I got to bed SO late , the reading kept me up for more. very interesting, lots of action and what a crescendo.”
Lisette 16/08/2019
“Brilliant! Whether you read The Trusted before or after it doesn't matter but you must read Operation Snowdrop. It gives a thrilling explanation of a part of what you read in The Trusted. Twists and turns galore - loved it! ”
Bridget 08/08/2019
“Sounds very teeth clenching,can't wait to read it!??”
Lorraine 31/07/2019
“Great novel the tension builds from page one and continues until the last page. This series has great potential ”
Benjibutton 28/07/2019
“What a great book. The characters in this book are totally awesome. Can hardly wait to finish the next book. I just love this series. Do yourself a favor and delve into the lives and adventurers of this series. GMR”
Gary Rounds 01/07/2019
“I have just read operation Snowdrop in a few hours. I couldn't put it down brilliant! Have ordered The Trusted in paperback. Cannot wait to read it”
Sue Joy 24/04/2019
“Fast paced, action packed novel. I hope this becomes a series! Well done”
Pam 29/03/2019
“Exciting and compelling - read it!”
Mike P 20/03/2019
“WOW! This plot is the product of a twisted mind! I love that in a Thriller Author ! Can't wait to see what happens in the sequel.”
Pete Romfh 19/03/2019
“Thoroughly enjoyable read! Exciting storyline and well paced action that keeps you reading from start to finish. ”
Steve 14/02/2019
“Gripped me from the first moment until the end. A really good read. Thank you.”
Maureen 12/02/2019
“An exciting, clever, action-filled, sexy thriller that's a prequel to the forthcoming novel The Trusted. Well worth a read, and I guarantee it'll make you want to know what happens next.”
Dominic Piper 04/02/2019
“Operation Snowdrop is a thrilling read - a fast-paced page turner that will leave you gasping with shock and excitement. Michelle Medhat takes you inside the dangerous world of secret agents where no life is sacred and no sacrifice is too big in the fight against the deadliest terrorist network the world has ever known. Step aside James Bond - these agents are sexy and fearless, and the villains they are up against are so twisted and evil they will make your blood run cold. This novella is a great gateway into the Connected universe which will leave you wanting more!”
Susanne 22/01/2019
“Very entertaining,hard to put down.I found it very interesting and thrilling”
Dennis 21/01/2019
“Non stop thrilling action! So amazingly written I could not put it down! I kept wanting to know what happens next! Worst part of the book was actually finishing it and now I want more more more! Can this be made into a movie ASAP!!! ”
Fawaz 20/01/2019
“Operation Snowdrop is incredible. A non-stop, action-filled story with twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end - and all in the form of a concise novella! It's packed full of epic moments and close calls from our favourite familiar characters. Real issues and fantastical thrills. Loved it! Definitely sparks excitement about what's next from Michelle Medhat...”
Ceri Savage 11/01/2019
“Mind blowing is an understatement! This is a brilliant fictional view of global terrorism and anti-terrorism that could be happening right now! Read my full review at
Elizabeth Horton-Newton 09/01/2019

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